About Us


original lockjawz safety systemOur mission at LOCKJAWZ® Tree Stands is simple: Develop, manufacture and distribute a product that will help prevent hunting accidents. There are entirely too many tree stand accidents happening across the nation every season. We have all heard stories or personally know hunters that have been seriously injured or even killed. We will tell from experience, this is not an easy market to start a new business. There are hundreds of alternatives for ladder stands to choose from that do not feature a safety system. We started LOCKJAWZ® to make our line of ladder stands, including the safety systems, available to you at a price comparable to those already on the market. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in research, development, patents, trademarks, prototypes and manufacturing with one thing in mind: Your safety!!!

This is the Original LOCKJAWZ® Safety System. This is the safety system we have carefully designed our line of tree stands around. We have developed what we believe to be the safest and most practical method of securing a ladder stand to most any suitable tree from the ground. The beauty of this system, it does not require you to find a tree without limbs to hunt out of. Being able to hunt in the canopy of a tree instead of under it helps hide the profile of your body.

Our simple, yet effective pulley assembly and linkage mechanism allows the user to advance the gripping arms around the tree by simply pulling on the rope from the base of the tree. Once the system is in place around the tree, you can climb the ladder without the fear of the ladder stand falling backward, slipping from side to side or sliding down the trunk of the tree.

When your life depends on our product, failure is not an option.